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What are they?

The XR Cards are a way of describing some of the key topics around Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and the rest of the XR Spectrum (where the variable “X” in XR stands in for all immersive technologies). Each card describes a topic and has an image that uses Augmented Reality to bring it to life!

The cards are designed so that you can use them in different ways. For instance, people can learn about different topics on their own, but they can also be used to teach during a demonstration or presentation. The physical cards can be used on their own or in combination with this website. Each card has a QR code that links back to its corresponding webpage, which has additional information and resources. We also hope that this example of augmented cards will inspire others to create decks for their own uses.


We divided the cards into four rough categories:

  • General – general topics related to XR
  • Research – advanced topics related to XR
  • Tools – useful software, hardware, and apps
  • Topical – application of XR to different disciplines and subjects
  • UNC XR – groups, people, and information related to XR at UNC Chapel Hill

Because each card has a number, a topic, and links to related cards, users can explore the cards in various ways, based on their interests and situation.

View the full list of completed cards

Have an idea for a card?

Use our suggestion form to help us add additional cards to the set.