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UNC-Chapel Hill’s XR student organization.

Carolina AR/VR (aka CARVR) is UNC-Chapel Hill’s extended reality student organization – promoting student exploration and development of extended reality technologies. XR includes virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and any other hardware that simulates reality (e.g. haptics).

Within CARVR, students explore various XR technologies, gain conceptual understanding of the development pipeline, and learn XR development to create projects for real-world applications with personal and client use.

All students – undergraduate or graduate, in any field of study – are encouraged to join. To become an official member, request membership on HeelLife and join the Carolina AR/VR Discord.

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ARt Walk on Franklin

ARt Walk on Franklin is a cutting-edge AR application that highlights local art and encourages increased foot traffic for downtown businesses in Chapel Hill.

The application was developed in Summer 2020 by Carolina AR/VR and UNC Summer of Code. A selected team of six students spent six rigorous weeks building, testing, debugging, and polishing this web-based virtual reality application which allows passerby to access and interact with a piece of art via a marker logo. The application also included a GEO guidance system that shows users where to find a given piece of artwork.

Read more about this project at Virtual Tour Peers Into Downtown Chapel Hill’s Past


UNC Student Television Segment


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