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The Carolina Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality club (CARVR) is a student organization at UNC Chapel Hill that promotes student development in XR technologies. Students work on XR projects and connect to clients to create real-world applications. All students – graduate or undergraduate, in any discipline – are welcome to join. Occasionally people from outside UNC join us too – feel free to contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Contact: Ashley Neall, 2022-23 President of CARVR, or

CARVR group part of the ARt Walk on Franklin

ARt Walk on Franklin is a cutting-edge augmented reality experience that was created to highlight local art and generate more foot traffic for downtown businesses.

The project began in the Summer of 2020 in collaboration with the Carolina ARVR student group and the UNC Summer of Code. A selected team of six students spent six rigorous weeks building, testing, debugging, and polishing this web-based virtual reality application which allows passerby to access and interact with a piece of art via a marker logo. Also included in the application was a GEO guidance system that would show the user where to find the next piece of art.

Read more about this project at Virtual Tour Peers Into Downtown Chapel Hill’s Past

Check out CARVR’s XR Card available at


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