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  1. FLC for faculty members who are currently engaged in XR, have worked on XR projects in the past, or wish to learn about XR and launch a new project
  2. XR workshops

Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) provide support for exploration of an important topic by a committed group of faculty. In addition to providing a collegial environment for professional growth, they can also foster interdisciplinary collaborative projects and scholarship. For more information on FLCs, visit

 “Having participated in the FLC in XR has created synergies for me to start transdisciplinary projects with colleagues from other parts of campus that I would never have imagined working with before. In my 30 years of working collaboratively at UNC, I haven’t had such broad ranging and fulfilling experiences.” – XR FLC Member

With Whom: 8-12 like-minded individuals who are interested in being part of a community of practice and advancing their own teaching and learning scholarship via XR technology. The FLC will be co-facilitated by Lucia Binotti (Professor, UNC College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Romance Studies, Director of Honors Study Abroad in Rome) and CFE staff members, with support offered by the AR/VR Group of the Health Sciences Library.

Who Can Join: Those interested in participating should:

  • have a faculty appointment at UNC
  • commit to meeting once per month (or at least 5 of 6 planned sessions) during the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters to discuss, think, and learn together
  • be willing to actively listen to and share with your colleagues in the group

How You Will Benefit: By participating, you will share with and learn from campus colleagues who have experience in XR and its use in teaching and learning, and research. Participants engaged in a XR project may value the opportunity to solicit feedback from peers on their projects and benefit from the structure of a regular meeting. Those not currently engaged in a project may find ideas for new projects, potential collaborators, and new XR skills. XR is new, so the ability to create and share best-practices and avoid pitfalls with peers in a supportive environment is helpful.

In the Fall 2019 semester, FLC members will meet to finalize the FLC goals, and set agendas in advance of upcoming sessions.

“I have not been this excited about learning something new in a long time. It’s like I’m 17 again!” – XR FLC Member

XR FLC. Examples of FLC activities

  • collaborating to improve awareness of XR on campus, including the potential to utilize techniques developed across disciplines
  • reading and discussing XR papers; sharing insights
  • generating specific, testable hypotheses from XR teaching and learning or research projects
  • XR project check-ins, accountability, and support

XR Workshops. In addition to the FLC sessions, XR workshops are planned to provide specific learning opportunities (2 Fall, 2 Spring) such as working with 3D modeling, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Gamification tools that the university supports (Unity, 3Data, HoloLens. WondaVR, etc.) and getting help identifying the greatest needs and the most promising opportunities in your disciple that XR and immersive technologies can help fulfill.

How to Join

Join the XR FLC
You will be asked to briefly describe:

  1. any XR projects that you are currently developing, past projects, or idea that you may want to pursue
  2. any XR experience you have in or outside academia
  3. what you hope to gain by participating in this FLC


Anyone interested is welcome to join. Applications are purely to help gage interest and direction.

We look forward to reviewing your statements before November 13, the date of our next scheduled XR FLC meeting at 11:30a in Davis Room 214 A&B.


Contact: or


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